In the enchanting world of music, a radiant story unfolds across time.

In 2019, Shkoon introduced their first masterpiece, ‚Rima,‘ to the world. This marked the beginning of their celestial journey, a musical adventure that went beyond mere sounds and rhythms. Breaking free from the norm, they created unique singles and captivating EPs. Their emotional journey culminated in the live album ‚FIRAQ,‘ released in 2022.

With the cosmos as their guide, Shkoon brought forth another masterpiece named ‚Masrahiya,‘ an album adorned with the rich colors of diverse genres. The Album delves deep into the blurred boundaries between reality and fiction, where the lines of truth and imagination intertwine like a mesmerizing dance. Through this sonic spectacle, they continued to share their profound story, complemented by an album concert tour.
Shkoon’s collaboration began in 2015, when fate united Ameen from Syria and Thorben from Germany in Hamburg. Their harmonious melodies led them to the pinnacle of Arab electronica, where they became known for their musical sophistication.
In December 2019, they released ‚Rima,‘ captivating listeners worldwide and performing in cities all over Europe, middle east and north africa. Despite challenges due to Ameen’s refugee status, their passion only grew, connecting them with music lovers worldwide.
Guided by a spirit of musical diplomacy, Shkoon blended arabic folklore, own lyrics with western electronic music. Their compositions beautifully merged traditions, showcasing the limitless possibilities of music.